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Fuel Tank Farm Development in Botswana

We have 10 hectare plot situated in between a major road and a rail line in Botswana. We intend to develop a Fuel Farm for storage of diesel for onward distribution to major retail customers and corporate clients. We are looking for an investment partner, both financing and technical. The project is estimated between USD20mil and USD70mil depending on capacity. We prefer to start with the smaller capacity and upgrade in...

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Macro-Advisory Report: Russian Alcohol Industry

Russia represents a US$40 bln market for alcoholic beverages, with beer sales at approximately US$15 bln (38%). However, Russia also has a substantial black market with illegal products accounting for 38% of the alcohol market and up to 50% of vodka sales in 2016. 

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Seeking Funding for Tissue Manufacturing & Converting Unit

With a Population of 200+million and tissue consumption per capita of 0.5 kgs as compared to 6 kgs in China and 13kgs in USA, its a growing market in Pakistan. Market size= 100,000 Tons Installed Capacity=56000 Tons Imports = 44000 Tons We would like to install a test model small mill of 500Tons for the first year as trial production. Its 1st year projected sales = US$1.9 million and 1st year projected profits are US$130,000. Its 2nd year projected sales = US$2.33 million and 2nd year projected profits are...

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