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FinancePlus Deal Book Russia 2017

Coming Soon: FinancePlus Russia Deal Book 2017

The FinancePlus Russia Deal Book is now being updated for a new edition to be published in spring 2017.

The 300-page Russia Deal Book was last published in 2012. It stands as the largest publication devoted to the Russian mid-market investor community. This new edition will be a complete update of this resource for the benefit of mid-market business leaders, investors, and M&A and investment professionals.

The 2017 Russia Deal Book will add analysis of the Russian investment climate. It will also add a regional focus section called “Focus on Kuban” that will provide detailed information about the very important Krasnodar region.

FinancePlus invites financial services companies and business leaders to submit information for the next edition of the FinancePlus Russia Deal Book.

FinancePlus is one of the largest finance related communities on LinkedIn, with more than 800,000 members in its groups. Its groups include FinancePlus, Accounting & Audit, Chief Financial Officer – CFO, Private Equity Networking, Mergers & Acquisitions, and TechPlus among others.

Click here to Download the FinancePlus Russia Deal Book 2012

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Tesla Motors

OLMA Capital Tesla Case Study

OLMA has released a thorough and refreshing work about Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) that provides the data and insight to understand the big picture behind this disruptive California luxury premium electric car manufacturer.
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Seeking Funding for Tissue Manufacturing & Converting Unit

With a Population of 200+million and tissue consumption per capita of 0.5 kgs as compared to 6 kgs in China and 13kgs in USA, its a growing market in Pakistan.
Market size= 100,000 Tons
Installed Capacity=56000 Tons
Imports = 44000 Tons

We would like to install a test model small mill of 500Tons for the first year as trial production.
Its 1st year projected sales = US$1.9 million and 1st year projected profits are US$130,000.
Its 2nd year projected sales = US$2.33 million and 2nd year projected profits are US$185,000.

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Swiss Private Bank for Sale

The Bank was founded almost 20 years ago in Switzerland. It is a separate subsidiary bank of a publicly quoted Austrian banking group. Its range of services is specifically tailored to those customers for whom excellent advice and customised solutions are especially important. The private banking section occupies a key strategic position in which core competency is consolidated. The firm stands for sustainable conservation of the value of its customers’ assets. Consequently, the range of services of the Bank has been adjusted to reflect this. The Bank also offers its clients online banking, share trading and trading in commodities etc. It has two offices in Switzerland.
EdwardDuuk Partners Global
Pamela Laurento
[email protected]
+44 788 962 3207

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Seeking Equity Investor for Hotel and Office Complex in Prague

This Development is located on the riverbank in central Prague. The land is part of Smichov, which is widely recognised as the 2nd centre of Prague. The area contains the Andel Retail complex as well as commercial and entertainment areas. The Andel shopping complex is seen as Prague’s premier shopping mall and is located just a 5 minute walk away from the site. Transport links are very close by with Smichov railway station and Smichov and Andel metro stations within short walking distance.

The area is rapidly growing with office accommodation built by Skanska reaching full occupancy prior to completion and a new Schmicov City planned to start late 2015 bringing employment, accommodation and more retail into the area.

The land has been on purchase option whilst they secured change of use, planning and zoning to develop a large luxury 360 bed conference hotel. Intercontinental Hotels had agreed terms for a 20 year operating lease. Vinci, one of the largest construction companies in the world had committed to purchase the construction work for the hotel taking on all risk to deliver a turnkey solution to a set construction deadline.

Changes in the market have seen the hotel market move away from large hotel real estate instead preferring smaller hotels. Intercontinental are still committed to the site but on a smaller hotel footprint. My clients have embraced this and are now looking to change the planning to a 50/50 split hotel and office or hotel and residential development offering marina facilities to the owners.

My clients have already contributed more than €1m+ and a significant commitment in time to gain planning consents and source contractors to fund the site and developers to purchase the site. and clients for the site. The want to purchase the land outright with an equity partner to realise the planning gain.

Project Details
CBRE have recently valued the hotel project sale at €54m with a profit of €19m. Vinci are still interested in purchasing construction contract which would fund the development for circa 5% pa. The demand for such a large hotel may not be readily available and therefore one of the following options is preferred.

Further Options
Hotel and Office
As a large hotel is already consented it will take less time to gain planning for a smaller hotel of 160-180 bedrooms and a small office block. Intercontinental Hotel Group are still interested in purchasing a smaller hotel on this site. CBRE have estimated the sale price for this would be €45m with a profit of €18m.

Hotel and Residential
This option needs full building consent which would take approx. 12 months to gain the necessary permissions before any sales can be effected. The sales value and profit do reflect this with sales value at €50m and a profit projection of €30m.

Investment Requirements
An equity investor will need to contribute €1m initially to secure their stake which will be held in an Escrow account and detail the investment agreement. At the point of sale the remaining €8m will be required to purchase the land outright.

Exit Options
Once the land is purchased the land can be held in the investment agreement and the developers brought in to build out the development at the pre-agreed finance rates with the contractor. This will maximise the profit potential.

Alternatively the land can be sold to a developer with the planning consents for a €18-19m. This gives the quickest return for an investor.

Much more detail is available to serious investors who have the equity available immediately.
Deal Contact:
Finance for Property Developers Limited
Sue Jonas
[email protected]

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Early-stage Medical Device Private Equity Fund

This proposed $75 million private equity partnership (the “Partnership”) intends to build a diversified investment portfolio by commercializing university-developed IP related to medical devices, diagnostics and related technologies. The Partnership intends to accomplish this by forming operating teams that will create a series of startup companies around the IP, which will be actively managed and developed into successful businesses. The Partnership estimates that it will create approximately 12 to 18 startup companies with initial investments ranging from approximately $0.5 to $1.5 million and additional follow-on investments of potentially $3 million to $5 million per company. Between years five and ten, the Partnership intends to monetize this portfolio of startup companies through IPOs, private sales of the companies, or asset sales of the underlying technology.

U.S. universities are the largest performers of basic research in the United States, conducting approximately $68 billion of annual research and development each year. However, that $68 billion yields only about 600 new startup companies per year. A great deal of promising university research consistently fails to be developed and commercialized and only a small portion of new IP with commercial applications result in the formation of new companies.

There are two key reasons for the lack of university based startups: (i) a shortage of seed capital, due to the fact that venture capital funds have generally exited from this early-stage market segment, and (ii) the relative absence of applicable business skill sets at universities. In response, a $75 million private equity partnership (“Partnership”) to solve this problem and take advantage of this opportunity by filling the funding gap for early stage capital and by providing the business skills and management that university-based startup companies need to succeed.

The Partnership is being organized by a medtech-specific investment team with significant U.S. university medtech commercialization, company-building and Wall Street experience. A group of professionals has been assembled with the diversified skill sets necessary to execute the business plan to commercialize early-stage, university-based IP in the medical device, diagnostic and related technologies space. The Principals have:
• Long-standing relationships with U.S. universities. In 2012, the principals’ Innovation Cluster schools expended over $13 billion in Science and Engineering R&D and were awarded over 1,000 patents.
• Invested over $50 million in translational research grants to U.S. universities in over 250 separate IP assets, all in the medical device arena. This capital resulted in an additional $1 billion of follow-on capital from angels, venture capital firms, institutional investors, and strategic investors and generated a success rate of over 27%;
• Responsibility for all operational aspects of commercializing a large portfolio of early stage medical device technologies by overseeing a $20 million endowment that will be used to de-risk and commercialize future medical device technologies, included in this is all program management aspects of a portfolio of over 40 early medical device technologies on behalf of one of the University Cluster schools.
• Successfully started, managed, and sold multiple medical device companies;
• Been responsible for sourcing investment opportunities as part of IBM’s Venture Capital Group, which resulted in over $1.5 billion of acquisitions;
• Served on various boards and panels in medical device industry including:
o The Executive Committee for the PPDC, which is a joint program between Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania that supports practical medical device projects benefitting children.
o As program manager for the Drexel University – Hebrew University joint translational research program to tackle unmet needs in healthcare.
o The Biomedical Engineering – Medical Devices Panel for Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program, a program to stimulate technological innovation in the private sector.

The Partnership also has an Advisory Board of 13 professionals with extensive business, financial, legal, and entrepreneurial expertise including experience in the health care and medical device sectors with impressive technical, medical device, and patent expertise.

The Partnership offers an investor the opportunity to make impact investments through the commercialization of potentially breakthrough medical device IP, with the hope of improving patient care and well being, while at the same time generating high investor returns.

The Partnership has more detailed offering material available. The Principals are also available to meet or a have call to discuss the Partnership in greater detail.
Deal Contact:
International IP Enterprises
Kevin McGuinness
[email protected]
+1 215 421 7899

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Premium branded natural and gourmet food retailer in NYC

The Company is a leading upscale, full service specialty and natural food retailer with three retail locations in New York City and an expansion plan for an additional four stores in the next three years. Since first opening its doors in 1994, the Company has established a reputation for top quality produce, extensive product selection and unsurpassed customer service. Each location is a culinary mecca for savvy shoppers who demand the finest products and ingredients at the best prices.

The Company is seeking mezzanine and/or equity to fund growth and store expansion. The Company is holding limited discussions with institutional and family office investors for financing in mid 2015.

The Company has built a well known brand based on premium food quality, store environment and customer service. Our stores recreate the look and feel of a traditional, European, outdoor market, with an atmosphere of warmth and sophistication. While the interior space encourages exploration and relaxed shopping, the aisles and shelves are abundantly stocked from floor to ceiling with over 10,000 specialty food products sourced from every corner of the globe.

The Company’s are destinations for unique, organic, natural, and specialty products and each has become a neighborhood market place for celebrities and local chefs. The Company targets upper middle class neighborhoods in metropolitan areas. Store sizes ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 square feet.

The Company utilizes a smaller box store format, averaging under 15,000 square feet with some stores in the 20,000 foot range. Each store carries approximately 9,000 to 10,000 SKU’s, while many conventional supermarkets are approximately 40,000 to 60,000 square feet and carry an average of 45,000 SKUs. Using this smaller-box format, The Company is able to focus on higher-margin food categories. The Company also believes this format facilitates a higher level of customer service that enables an enhanced overall customer shopping experience.

The Company is forecasting growth from existing stores and new store growth in 2018 to $61 MM in revenues, approximately $5.4 MM in adjusted EBITDA and approximately $6.6 MM in “4-Wall EBITDA” (Store level EBITDA before central office overhead).

Deal Contact:
India Brook Partners
Jeff Tarplin
[email protected]
+1 908 219 4408

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Extreme Sports Family Entertainment Centers in the US

The Company is developing seven universally and strategically placed 160,000 square foot family entertainment centers. It is targeting major tourist cities with a large local consumer base. The first location would be in Orlando.

The Company’s family entertainment centers are sports venues and arenas, similar to well-known venues such as Wembley, Chicago Stadium or Madison Square Garden. The parks would be company owned and operate and own the concessions as well, and own the media content and any broadcast rights. The Company believes that it is the only company of its kind presenting family entertainment in this segment of the family entertainment space.

The Company is working in the $220 billion extreme sports and family entertainment industry. Extreme sports, a largely untapped market, has 185 million participants worldwide. With 13 million skaters in the US alone, skating is now more popular with kids and young adults than the national pastime, baseball.

The first location in Orlando projects 471,900 visitors during the first 18 months of operation. Patrons are anticipated to spend on average $80 to skate, BMX, buy clothes, eat at a restaurant or cafe, have a drink in the lounge overlooking the park, go to our Athena Learning Center and branded Media Lab, and to stay in the themed hotel.

The Centers will offer scholarships to local kids for after school programs and work with the school systems to offer extra curricular activities.

A few main points:
a. 13 million kids skateboard versus 12 million kids that play baseball in the US.
b. Over 150 million kids worldwide are involved in action sports which includes skate and BMX (bike).
c. This market is a $220 billion worldwide lifestyle industry. It is a lifestyle segment that includes apparel (skateboards/bikes and clothing), media, technology and education.
d. There is no real home, “mecca” or family destination for this segment.
e. BMX became an Olympic sport in 2012, and skateboarding will be in 2016 following snowboarding in 2018.
f. Orlando is the largest tourist destination in the US – 60 million visitors annually.
g. Projections show $10 million ++ in first year sales (without events and concerts) scaling to $32 million.
h. There are opportunities in sports media, sponsorship and branding. The Company plans to retain all rights to it content and offer the major and local broadcasters an opportunity to broadcast events.
i. The center will have 160,000 square feet of indoor outdoor space in Orlando.
j. There are plans to expand to the Meadowlands (LOI), the Mall of America, and LasVegas. Each location sees 40 million tourists a year.
k. The Centers would be an attraction for the extreme enthusiasts, families, local community alike.
l. BMX became an Olympic sport in 2012, and skateboarding will be in the 2016 games, similar to snowboarding in 2008.

Deal Contact:
Radbourne Property Group
John Van Clief
[email protected]
+1 212 918 0640

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U.S. Mobile App Company Seeking Seed Funding

The Company has developed a new iOS, GPS-based app for parents, caregivers and children, which provides a better way for families to keep in touch by using advanced geofencing and alerting technology. The Company offers a sense of security and peace of mind for parents and equips children with important security and communications features.

A secondary product offering is the iBeacon, a small standalone wireless sensor that dramatically increases the precision of Apple location services. It allows the user to see the location of someone relative to the iBeacon for use in a home, vehicle, school, or wherever the user sees fit. The location is accurate to within a few feet.

The Company’s management team, comprised of former telecom, nonprofit, technology and professional sports executives, has experience in rapid growth, venture-capital funded and Fortune 500 companies; the lead investor and company spokesperson is a high-profile current NFL player.

The U.S. market potential for mobile monitoring applications alone is $3.05 billion. The Company is positioned to become the leader in the mobile monitoring market, which has a customer base exceeding 38M parents and caregivers benefiting over 75M children.

Not only is the Company suited for parents, caregivers and children, the market also includes elderly parents, particularly those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or memory loss. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the total U.S. market alone is 43.2M customers.

The Company recently soft-launched its product in the App Store. The Company generates its revenue via a paid subscription service that also allows the user to buy the iBeacon products. Additionally, the Company has secured major channel partnerships with an NFL sports agency with more than 150 current NFL players who will promote the app via their 14.7M social media followers. Other partnerships include companies with 5M+ consumer customer bases.

The company is seeking their second seed round of funding, which will be used for the completion of its Beta program, continued product development, and for implementing its marketing infrastructure and strategy for both pre- and post-launch efforts – launch will be in September ’15.

Deal Contact:
FamilySignal LLC
Richard Maaghul
[email protected]
+1 415 798 6876

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Publishing Paywall Technology Acquisition Opportunity (SaaS model) in the US

The Company has a Paywall-as-a-Service offering for Web publishing (text/print and video) and is available for acquisition. This US based company is a full SaaS offering, making it very easy for a content publishers to monetize their content by deploying a tiered paywall-based content strategy over their various properties with no expertise, no infrastructure, and no upfront costs. Customers simply add a few lines of code into their Websites, identify which content is behind the paywall, and how to bill (cost per article, first 10 views free, etc.), and they are up and running with a revenue-generating premium content strategy in minutes.

As a Paywall-as-a-Service solution the Company takes care of authentication, billing, etc. in a revenue share model with its publisher (text and video content) clients. The Company currently has on over 75 websites across 30 publishers as customers in a recurring, monthly revenue model.

Deal Contact:
Peter Benedict
Managing Partner
Bois Capital
Follow Me Google Voice: +1-908-242-0829
[email protected]

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