Local Online Directories Group

The local directories group is a series of domains comprised of:
These websites are all newly assembled URLs designed with the intention to showcase local area businesses online. We provide a webpage, (micro-site) which hosts a short business video, click to call features and social media links in addition to a link back to their website if they have one. This enables consumers to watch then call with an embedded click to call or schedule feature.
Our directories are designed to provide consumers an engaging way to pick and choose offers from local area businesses through our micro-sites, website and upcoming app. All businesses who enroll are provided at least a free business listing. A video is provided with an upgraded package also providing a click to call/scheduling button and other features.
Many local brick and mortar businesses are scrambling to be found online nowadays amidst the increasing internet competition.
With our dedicated online directory URLs we have higher search rankings than any individual businesses website. This always allows us to appear before many standard business websites. We additionally will be providing shopping incentives, coupons, rewards, relevant local information, events and sales information throughout our app, directory platforms and linked shopping domains.
Consumers will now have the ability to pick and choose from businesses after watching a short business video, reading a business’s reviews or simply calling the business using our integrated click to call features. Our unique micro-site page feature a map providing directions to the locations, pictures, social media buttons, coupons and links back to the business website.
Our click to call feature for businesses allows the micro-site page to function as not only the ad but a conduit to call the business through the calling feature. It is estimated 71% of consumers follow through calling a business with click to call feature when presented with the opportunity. We also offer the ability for the business to collect payments, schedule & confirm appointments and receive documents through our integrated click to call features.

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