Innovative online service enables global access to creative resources on a multi-lingual platform for organizations large and small
The Business

The Company is an online marketplace for creative services through its web based service that brings businesses and creative services together from around the globe. The Company?s system frees organizations of traditional agency and proximity constraints so that the maximum creative power can be harnessed for projects ranging from brand positioning and building to advertising and media promotions.

The Company offers its customers a service to run an online pitch for a creative requirement and invite proposals from a large resource of creative professionals from across the world. The global nature of the Company?s services means that customers can obtain new perspectives, free from local cultural and creative constraints. Customers can conduct the entire proposal and screening process online.


The Company is able to distribute a proposal brief for a bidding process in many languages including Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Japanese, Indonesian, German, French, Hebrew and Italian.

The Company earns revenues through a percent of the creative project budget. It has already conducted dozens of creative pitches and other events worldwide for a customer list of well-known brands.

Sector: Internet
Segment: Services
Region: North America
Financing Size: $1m to $5m
Contact: Philippe Der Megreditchian
Company: OLMA
Telephone: +33 6 03 88 30 13
Email: [email protected]