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Quality Awarded Turkish Car Rental and Leasing Company on Sale

The Company has operated for more than 5 years and is an operational leasing and car rental business. The Company has recently received a quality award in Europe. The client portfolio is selective composed of financial institutions, service & manufacturing companies. Gross profit of the contracts range from 9-22%. The Company’s fleet consists of close to 800 vehicles. The total number of employees is 13.

The Company’s net sales in 2014 around Usd 10 Mio where as the net profit is Usd 2 Mio. The partners are preferably seeking to sell the majority of the shares if not full sale to a strategic player. The management is in place, hence the managing partner holding 30% of the shares is willing to stay in the management, however sale of up tp 50% to a private equity is also considered based on the terms of offer. The Company’s management intends to finance the growth of fleet with external working capital in addition to already existing credit lines of banks.

Deal Contact:
Barkan Baybogan
[email protected]
+90 5065941878

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Highly Profitable Turkish Business Software Company seeking Investors

Established in 2010, the Company has been serving large enterprises with services such as receivable management, telcom, banking, financial, law enterprises that require collection platforms for NLPs (non-performing loans).
The Company has developed a special integrated receivable collection product that involves calling system, CRM application, call center, database, call voice recording, SMS application and many others under one roof.
The Company is operating in free zone as a highly profitable tax free enterprise with annual revenues of app. $600,000 and 80% net profit margin. Expected growth in sales by 2015 is 60% and net profit margin is expected to increase up to 85%.
The founding partner is seeking to sell up to 20% of the shares.
For more information contact:
BYCap Advisors
Barkan Baybogan
+90 506 594 1878
[email protected]

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Brazilian Water Treatment Company on Offer

This water and wastewater treatment business is located in Rio de Janeiro with a branch in São Paulo. The Company was founded in 1990. The Company’s main services are water chemical treatment for cooling systems, boilers and drinking water. In addition, the Company’s laboratory also sells water and wastewater tests services, including sample collection for environmental and drinking water markets. They have legal authorization for these tests, which is rare.

The Company has about 300 contract basis customers as well as others without contracts that buy on a regular basis. Customers are large and medium industries, shopping malls, hotels, commercial and residential buildings and government. A three story facility is also to be included in the sale. The facilities of thee Company’s more than 300 customers offer a very strong commercial growth potential through new business opportunities that could be explored.

Contact the Company Owners directly:
[email protected]

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US-Russia Innovation Corridor selects university-based startups to “accelerate success”

East-West Digital News
American Councils for International Education announces the opening of the Fall 2014 application for the US-Russia Innovation Corridor (USRIC). University-based startups and entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply until November 9.
The US-Russia Innovation Corridor (USRIC) deploys services and resources to advance research and commercialization collaborations with the potential to accelerate success in business. USRIC helps startups quickly access and use information, resources, and networks that can advance the growth of their business.
Participants may work either virtually (phone, Skype, email) or physically at the Maryland International Incubator (MI2) in the Washington, DC area. The program seeks projects with high innovation potential for commercialization at both the early and advanced stages.
USRIC applicants are selected on their ability to present: a clear business idea or area of research; defined area for market entry/expansion; willingness to take advantage of USRIC services; potential to benefit US-Russia relations; relevance to advancing university and/or entrepreneurship in Russia; amplification effect to disseminate knowledge following the residency period.
To learn more, download the questionnaire, or apply directly here during the open application period. For more information, write to [email protected].
USRIC is supported by the US-Russia Foundation as part of the Enhancing University Research and Entrepreneurial capacity (EURECA) program.
This story first appeared in East-West Digital News, a leading online resource on Russian digital industries.

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Spacious Secures £500,000 Seed Round To Match London Startups To Office Space

Spacious, the London property tech startup founded by Entrepreneur First alumni Tushar Agarwal and Tom Watson, together with ex-advisor to the British Prime Minister Rohan Silva, has closed £500,000 in seed funding. The round was led by Spire Ventures, the VC fund set up by Faisal Butt and ex-Dragon James Caan, while Spacious says the additional capital — its first external fundraise, not including involvement in the Entrepreneur First programme — will be used to boost engineering talent and further build out its platform.

Attempting to help solve the shortage and sometimes spiralling cost of office space for young companies in London, Spacious connects startups and other small businesses with those who have space to rent out, such as professional landlords offering co-working spaces and serviced offices, as well as other burgeoning companies with spare space to share.

In some regards, it can be considered simply as a classic online marketplace play, matching high demand with untapped capacity, with the least friction possible. However, it’s the company’s emphasis on understanding the specific needs of startups that makes it stand out from other property marketplaces.
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Microsoft teams up with state fund to support industrial startups

East-West Digital News
Last week FRII, the $200 million government-backed startup fund launched last year, and Microsoft announced that they were beginning an industrial accelerator to support startups developing IT solutions for education, healthcare, commerce, industry, the service sector, the financial sector and municipal services.
The project will receive support from Microsoft Ventures, the international subdivision of the corporation that is responsible for multifaceted support to young entrepreneurs worldwide.
The accelerator is intended for companies that have already developed a product prototype but are in the early stages of business development. Two four-month acceleration cycles are planned per year, in which ten startups can participate after submitting to a technical and investment selection process. The current application cycle is already underway.
The intensive acceleration program is made up of financing, including grants from Microsoft (with administrative and technical support from the U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation) and investment from FRII, consulting and educational services, infrastructural and technological support and a work space for the startup during the acceleration. Residents will be able to discuss pilot rollouts with leading entrepreneurs in a variety of industries.
This story first appeared in East-West Digital News, a leading online resource on Russian digital industries.

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GoGoVan Raises $6.5M Series A To Expand In Asia

Hong Kong-based GoGoVan, an app that connects van drivers and users for on-demand delivery services, announced today that it has completed a $6.5 million Series A led by Centurion Private Equity. The company, which launched in July 2013 and currently has access to 18,000 registered commercial vehicles, plans to use the funding to add more features and expand into new markets in Asia. TechCrunch profiled the startup in June 2014.

GoGoVan says it is currently working with corporate clients including Kerry Logistics, SF Express and DHL and has processed more than one million transactions with a total value of over $120 million Hong Kong dollars (about $15.5 million), with 300,000 transactions per month in Hong Kong. After expanding into Singapore this summer, GoGoVan plans to tackle other Asian cities.
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Startupbootcamp Names The Ten Startups In Its First London Fintech Program

Startupbootcamp has just announced the first cohort of ten startups that will participate in the 2014 program of its London-based fintech accelerator. The startups that have made the cut for the inaugural three-month mentoring program include teams from Europe, Africa and the US (see below for the full list of selected teams).

Together the ten teams have already raised a combined €6 million in investment, according to Startupbootcamp, with 70% of the selected startups already generating revenue.

Startupbootcamp’s fintech accelerator was announced back in February, supported by multiple big brand backing — including financial services groups Lloyds and Rabobank, payment giant MasterCard and SBT Venture Capital.

Given its historical focus on financial services, it’s no surprise that London has become a hub for fintech startups. Which means Startupbootcamp’s incubator is by no means the only fintech startup hot-house in town. For instance there’s also a Techstars-Barclays tie-up, and London’s FinTech Innovation Lab, to name two others.

Startupbootcamp argues that having multiple big brand backers gives its accelerator an edge, though. Those big brands will be providing the selected startups with access to pilot customers, industry data, APIs and — of course — capital.
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Russian startups come to Paris

East-West Digital News
This year, four Russian companies represented Russia at the international IT event Futur en Seine, which took place in Paris on June 15-22. Invited by RusBase, an international resource covering the Russian startup and venture scene, the Russian startups not only met local businesses but also impressed the public.
Among these Russian startups was Radario, which has developed a SaaS platform for the e-tickets market. Radario prides itself on a 3-click purchasing capability for tickets online, with consumers able to buy from social media as one of the distribution channels available.
Radario’s CEO Sergey Suchkov told RusBase that he considered his trip to Paris as “a strategically important process for us in order to gain entrance to Western Europe.”
“We got accustomed with the European ticketing market,” Suchkov says of the festival participation. “Very few European ticketing platforms are able to integrate social-media purchasing capabilities. We saw our market relevance, and that was the important thing,” he added.
Three other Russian companies attended the festival:

  • Bubuka – A remote control system for music players that allows copyright adherence, which helps businesses such as shops and restaurants to play music legally;
  • Triaxes – Software for producing 3D images;
  • Expasoft – A company with a focus on interactive projects for images.

Meanwhile, several French startups are entering the Russian market. Some of them are supported by Ob-vious, a consulting company that aims to open the first French startup incubator in Moscow.
This story first appeared in East-West Digital News, a leading online resource on Russian digital industries.

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New York Based Medical Staffing Company Seeking Venture Capital for Growth

Business Synopsis
Established in 2011, this is a professionally managed, 3 year old medical staffing and recruitment Company specializing in placements of all levels of medical professionals. The Company is located in New York with 6 other branches across the US.
The Owner and CEO of the Company brings along a vast experience in Medical Staffing business and has grown the Company to about 27 Employees and 7 office locations and about $2MN in revenues in 3 years, all of which is organic growth.
This Company can be made as a vehicle to acquire several other companies and roll their business into the strong management model of the company. The CEO is confident and capable of growing this company to 50mm with adequate capital backing.

Financial Information
The revenues were roughly 1.2m 2011, 1.5m 2012 and 2m for 2013.

Funding Information
Reason for raising funds: For faster organic growth and to acquire other smaller companies and competitors.
Amount of funds required: Minimum $1mm
Utilization of Funds: Marketing, bringing in more recruiters & acquiring several smaller companies
Possible Exit Strategies: Selling to large competitor

Growth Potential
2014 revenue should be about $2m-$2.25m but the Company is completing two key infrastructure components: 1) An online application and staffing system (to expedite and streamline the recruitment & staffing process) and 2) becoming certified by the joint commission (giving it credibility as a quality staffing firm).

The 2015 revenue is projected to double to 5mm and over the next few years to grow to 25mm.

Every 10 nurse we have generates over $1m in annual revenue. Each recruiter on average can manage & maintain 20-25 nurses on payroll. We will scale up to 10 recruiters giving us 200 to 250 on payroll which will generate 20 to 25 million in annual revenue.

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