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Profitable Indian Enterprise Mobility Software Development Company

This Company is awarded “Enterprise Mobility Services Company of the Year – 2014”. Its turn over is above 600,000 $, with 100 employees in India. We are looking for Acquisition / Merger for around 4 Million USD.

Vision and Mission is to partner with right company in US and make us “Number 1 Enterprise Mobility Software Services and IoT Services provider in USA.”

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US Based Social Media Company Acquisition Opportunity

The leading global aggregator and search engine for Twitter pictures is available for acquisition. This U.S. based Social Media Company, which provides an enhanced Twitter experience, can enhance an existing Social Media platform or help establish a new platform. Company highlights:

* 6.4 million monthly unique visitors (83% international from 76 countries);
* 3.8 million monthly visitors via smartphone (60% of total), even though Company offers no mobile app;
* 34.0 million monthly page views;
* Content database of 4.5 billion Twitter pictures with 5.0 million pictures added daily;
* Revenue from Advertisements and Sponsorships;
* Customizable and scalable technology features search algorithms and software and
* Experienced CEO – 15+ years in search technology.

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Amazon Has Quietly Acquired 2lemetry To Build Out Its Internet Of Things Strategy

Amazon is taking another step into the Internet of Things. TechCrunch has learned, and confirmed, that the e-commerce and cloud services giant has acquired 2lemetry, a startup based out of Denver that has developed an enterprise-focused platform to track and manage IP-enabled machines and other connected devices.

Terms of the deal, which we heard was finalized earlier this week, were not disclosed. 2lemetry, founded in 2011, had raised $9 million, including a $4 million round in January of this year from investors that included Salesforce Ventures.

Reaching out to 2lemetry, our queries were forwarded to Amazon. A spokesperson confirmed the acquisition with a short statement that noted that the service will continue to operate for existing customers.
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Passion Capital Backs Ravelin’s Hybrid Approach To Tackling Online Fraud

Another fintech investment to chalk up in London: Passion Capital has invested an undisclosed level of seed funding in Ravelin, an early stage online fraud prevention startup formed by a team of ex-Hailo employees in January this year. The startup is currently working out of Passion’s co-working space, White Bear Yard.

Ravelin’s founders had been involved in fraud prevention at the taxi app, among other roles, where they came up with the original idea to spin out their own business. The seed funding will be used to get their platform to market later this year.

Passion’s average seed round investment — last we crunched the numbers — was around £187,300. TechCrunch understands that in Ravelin’s case the VC is investing above that average. Albeit the sums involved here are clearly modest at this nascent stage. Ravelin is currently working with a small group of beta customers as it develops the platform for a full launch, pegged for Q4.
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Uber Is Buying Map Tech Startup deCarta In An Undisclosed Deal

Uber is on course to make its first public acquisition with San Jose-based mapping tech startup deCarta in its headlights. DeCarta provides a range of location and map services, including in-map search, location APIs, turn-by-turn navigation and more. A deal to buy the startup was first reported by Mashable, but Uber has confirmed that it is near to closing an undisclosed deal.

An Uber representative told TechCrunch that the acquisition will help “fine-tune” the company’s services. “A lot of the functionality that makes the Uber app so reliable, affordable and seamless is based on mapping technologies. With the acquisition of deCarta, we will continue to fine-tune our products and services that rely on maps – for example UberPOOL, the way we compute ETAs, and others – and make the Uber experience even better for our users.”
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Runa Capital invests €3 million in Finnish open source database solution provider MariaDB Corp.

East-West Digital News
Last week Runa Capital, a venture firm operating globally from its offices in Moscow and San Francisco, announced a €3 million investment in MariaDB Corporation, a global software vendor specializing in high availability, high performance and highly scalable open source database solutions.
Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, MariaDB (also known as SkySQL) aims to become “the world’s premier open source database platform.”
According to the company, “much progress has already been made as the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, which used to dominate in the web development, is now turning into LEMP (where “E” stands for Nginx and “M” for MariaDB) as MySQL is being replaced with MariaDB in key Linux distributions and Nginx web-server is rapidly gaining market share among the top web sites.”
Last year, MariaDB received $20 million from Intel Capital and other European and US investors.
“There was some room reserved for a value-adding strategic investor,” Runa Capital PR Director Liliana Pertenava told East-West Digital news.
“MariaDB will largely benefit from Runa’s connections with Parallels and portfolio companies NGINX and Jelastic, by further expanding the achieving adoption of MariaDB in crucial enterprise architectures,” she explained.
Michael ‘Monty’ Widenius, MariaDB and MySQL creator, has long history with the Runa team and an advisor to Jelastic, Pertenava added.
“Despite all the hype about BigData and NoSQL, classical Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) are here to stay. The global RDBMS market, which amounts to some $26 billion, is growing by 10% yearly over the period 2012-2016,” Pertenava noted.

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Maxfield Capital invests in 3D printing startup Zdravprint

East-West Digital News
Maxfield Capital, a venture fund operating globally from its offices in Moscow, New York City and Tel Aviv, has invested an undisclosed amount in Zdravprint, a Russian startup that develops medical 3D-printing technology.
It is the first time Zdravprint has received venture money, the fund’s Corporate Communications Director Nadir Khabdulin told East-West Digital News.
Zdravprint’s technology is designed to replace plaster casts, creating lightweight and durable customized splints from low-temperature bioplastics, notes Rusbase. Doctors may thus create specifically “programmed” splints for patients, based on the size of the damaged limb. The measurements of the limb can be entered into a phone app, with the splint then delivered straight to the hospital.

Zdravprint’s products are individual, comfortable, hygienic, durable and inexpensive. The startup claims to be the first on the market to combine such features.
The technology has already been tested on more than 40 people. By Zdravprint’s estimates, the potential size of the market in Russia exceeds $100 million.
This story first appeared in East-West Digital News, a leading online resource on Russian digital industries.

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Highly Profitable Turkish Business Software Company seeking Investors

Established in 2010, the Company has been serving large enterprises with services such as receivable management, telcom, banking, financial, law enterprises that require collection platforms for NLPs (non-performing loans).
The Company has developed a special integrated receivable collection product that involves calling system, CRM application, call center, database, call voice recording, SMS application and many others under one roof.
The Company is operating in free zone as a highly profitable tax free enterprise with annual revenues of app. $600,000 and 80% net profit margin. Expected growth in sales by 2015 is 60% and net profit margin is expected to increase up to 85%.
The founding partner is seeking to sell up to 20% of the shares.
For more information contact:
BYCap Advisors
Barkan Baybogan
+90 506 594 1878
[email protected]

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Intuit Buys ZeroPaper, Its First Acquisition In Brazil

intuit-zeropaper Accounting software giant Intuit is looking to raise its game in international and emerging markets, and it’s doing so in part by way of acquisition: the U.S. company has bought ZeroPaper, a startup out of Brazil that offers cloud-based accounting services to small businesses, specifically money management solutions. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed. ZeroPaper says in a blog… Read More

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Clinical Study Software Platform goBalto Raises $12M In New Funding

drug study shutterstock goBalto, a software company that wants to make running clinical drug trials easier and faster, announced today that it has picked up an additional $12 million in funding from Mitsui Global Investment and Dolby Family Ventures. Read More

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