Invest in a company that is commercializing a technology to place large scale advertising on baggage carousels in airports througout Europe and Asia
The Business
The Company is commercialzing a proprietary patented technology that enables placement of advertisments on baggage carousels in airports within Europe, Asia, and Middle East. Carousel advertising is a highly effective way to reach large audiences globally.

The technology relies upon a combination of materials that achieve extremely high durability and resistance to scratches and dents with less than 1% replacement rate in 6 months. The material is easy to place and remove and no mechanical alterations to carousels are necessary. Unlike most of other forms of out-of-home advertising (“OOH”) media this technology requires no prior set up (billboards for example), just an easy stick and remove application.
Airports are premium indoor advertising segment due to the ability to reach a large number of people with above-average income. All key business processes including selling to the client, installation, and production can be outsourced with the Company providing coordination and intergration of each process. With relatively low printing costs, operating income margins may exceed 50%.

Advertisers are interested despite crisis because this technology offers:
A highly effective way to reach a captive audience since customers wait on average for 10-20 minutes for their bags;
Multiple impressions due to rotating nature of the ad;
An incremental revenue stream and product offering for typical airport advertising mediums;
A large, dynamic, and novel media; prints cover the entire carousel.

The Company is targeting the top 20 of the 150 commercial airports in its territory. The Company is seeking a venture capital investment for further development of its business.
Sector: Professional Services
Segment: Advertising
Region: Russia
Financing Size: $1m to $5m
Contact: Alexander Prokhorov
Company: Joule Capital Management
Telephone: +44 20 3318 2676
Email: [email protected]