Leading Russian market research organization that is exclusive representative of some of the best-known international networks
The Business
The Company is one of Russia’s leading market research companies. It provides several types of market research: ad-hoc research, panel research based upon data gathered from Russian households, and mystery shopping research. The Company applies both traditional and innovative research methodologies and offers a wide range of services from obtaining basic market information to developing analytical models.

The Company has an elaborate research network, which includes more than branches and joint ventures located in key regions of Russia and countries of the Eurasian zone. The Company is the exclusive representative of several international research networks in Russia and the CIS countries.
According to annual surveys conducted by the Russian Guild of Market Researchers, the Company was recognized as the best market research company in its segment several times in recent years.

The Company has carried out more than 1,000 research projects covering most of Russia’s regions and 25 countries of the Eurasian zone. More than a third of the Company’s clients are companies from the Top 100 largest advertisers.
Sector: Business Services
Segment: Market Research
Region: Russia
Financing Size: $5m to $20m
Contact: Denis Kabakchi
Company: Core Capital
Telephone: +7 495 728 2273
Email: [email protected]