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Development of a Stone Crushing Plant in Addis Ababa

The Project is the development of a stone crushing plant of 200t/hr capacity in Addis Ababa. The demand for gravel in Addis Ababa is very high owing to the construction boom of the city. The supply lags far behind the demand. The Developer has a quarry site with 3 million cubic meter deposit and 30 […]


Chemical-Mechanical Wood Pulp and Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) Project in China

This Project, located in mainland China, is actively seeking a financing partner: Project: 100.000 T/A Chemi-mechanical Wood Pulp Project Industry: Pulp and Paper (P&P) -> MMC (Microcrystalline Cellulose And Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium Location: Northern Jiangsu Province, Mainland China Investment: USD20m (Stage I Chemi-mechanical Wood Pulp) ROI: 27% NPAT Investment Structure: Equity (20% project executive/80% investor) and […]


Australian Film Production Company Seeking Seed Funding

The Company is a film production company specializing in feature length film development and production. The Company takes on a variety of projects at many stages of the production process from raw concepts and draft scripts to full feature film production and sale. As a production company, the Company is a combination of several business […]


Hydroponic Vegetable Project in the Philippines

The Project consists of the development of up to ten hydroponic vegetable plants using advanced equipment from Japan at a cost of about USD 2m each. Equity and/or debt financing of up to USD 25m is being sought for the Project. The use of hybrid hydroponics equipment based upon the technology of advanced nations (Japan) […]


Australian Environmental Science & Waste Water Treatment Seeking Equity Finance

The Company designs, constructs and commissions low risk & highly reliable modular sewerage and waste water treatment systems, which are remotely monitored in decentralised locations providing over 50 years of service life. The Company has a current project pipeline of $162 million, comprising confirmed contracts and advanced stage contract submissions. The schedule of project design, […]


Quality Awarded Turkish Car Rental and Leasing Company on Sale

The Company has operated for more than 5 years and is an operational leasing and car rental business. The Company has recently received a quality award in Europe. The client portfolio is selective composed of financial institutions, service & manufacturing companies. Gross profit of the contracts range from 9-22%. The Company’s fleet consists of close […]


Patented Hydration System for Runners and Walkers

The Company offers a beneficial, patented hydration system for runners and walkers on the market that encourage proper form and posture while exercising. Its 3-product package includes sleek active wear apparel, a continuously-hydrating electrolyte formula, and balanced running bottles that store said hydration. Runners and walkers start becoming dehydrated in 15 minutes but do not […]


USA Home Health Care Agency Rollup

A Management Group headed by a West Point Graduate (BS Engineering, MBA Marketing, Phd. Business) is developing a unique business opportunity in the Home Health Care Industry, which is growing at 9% a year. There is a big push by Medicare to straighten out the industry as it would save them billions a year in […]


Wanted to Buy: Disinfection Products Company

Buyer is seeking to purchase a USA based company or corporate division that sells disinfection products (wipes, solutions, chemicals, devices) and/or disinfection services (cleaning, remediation). Minimum Sales: $20M. Minimum EBITDA: $4M. Must be U.S. Headquartered. The Buyer will work with current management to grow the business and add functionality, if required.


E-Commerce website in India – Recharge, Corporate Travel and much more

The Company a fast growing company providing web portal development, software development, e-branding and customized SMS solutions. It was founded in April 2009 as a proprietorship firm and obtained its Private limited status in Nov 2009 under the Companies act 1956. The Company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The Company mainly provides one stop […]