Invest in a large, multi-use recreational property near the main highway from Zagreb to the Adriatic
The Business
This property is located near the highway from continental Croatia and Central Europe to the Adriatic coast just thirty minutes drive from the Zagreb city center. It consists of 700 hectares of land surrounded by a system of dikes and channels, and has an old castle located in its center.

The area has tourism potential – fishing, water sports, golf, bird watching, or would be an ideal location of a training/business school or research institute.
Croatia will soon become an EU member state. Thousands of tourists pass through this area from May to October every year on their way to the Adriatic Sea from Central Europe (Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia). Zagreb and its surrounding area have a population of over 1 million.

The present owner desires to sell the property but is willing to support an investor/buyer for a period of 2-3 years in the order to help with the future development and relations with local/regional community.
Sector: Real Estate
Segment: Resort
Region: Europe
Financing Size: $5m to $20m
Contact: Berislav Cizmek
Company: CBBS Ltd
Telephone: +3851 230 4001
Email: [email protected]