Project description: Industrial production of High Purity Quartz using low cost production technology

Product: Quartz (silicon dioxide) of high purity (5N 99,999%, 6N 99,9999% and higher)

High purity quartz is the basic material for electronic, optical, lighting and solar (PV) industries.
Used in solar elements, semiconductors, optical fibres, lenses, crucibles, telecommunications…

Description of the market
-High deficit of high purity product with increasing demand;
-High prices and shortage / unavailability of 5N+ purity;
-The users have to purchase the product of lower purity and purify it.

Our technology
Our technology is a novel approach to produce high purity and ultra-pure quartz.
Instead of classic scheme of quartz purifying (taking out the impurities) we “take” only pure quartz out of raw material which can be quartz sand of any purity.
The purity of the product in our technology is limited only by the quality of production line and the purity of the production process.
Most reagents are recycled and used in production again and again.
As a result we get a high purity quartz – so called “solar grade” quartz.

Readiness of the project
The technology is completely ready for industrial use, it does not require any additional tests, researches, etc.
We have finished a test production using a pilot production line. Now we are ready to increase the production capacity (purchase the large size equipment) and build a full-size factory.

Needed investment amount

Minimal amount to start with a small production line: USD1,000,000
This amount will let us start with a small 300tpa production line with low cost equipment and using of local bank financing for exporters.

Minimal amount to start with full-size line: USD2,000,000
This amount will be enough to start a 1000tpa project with low cost equipment and using of local bank financing for exporters.

Recommended amount: from USD6,000,000
With increase of financing we will purchase a higher class equipment with production capacity 2000tpa which will let us get the higher purity of production process and the product; there will not be any need to use local financing.